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        • Product: Ribber Belt
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        Cross section profile and measurement of the belt

        Specification Pitch Height Ht Height of belt H Angle of rib Oc
        PH 1.6 1.1 3.0±0.15 40±2
        PJ 2.34 1.8 3.9±0.25 40±2
        PK 3.56 2.4 5.5±0.3 40±2
        PL 4.7 4.6 9.0±0.4 40±2
        PM 9.4 9.4 16.0±0.6 40±2



        Features of the belt

        -Double functions of both flat belt and V-belt and high transmission efficiency.

        -Excellent flexibility,consequently suitable for high speed and big speed ratio transmission with linear velocity up to 40m/s

        -Compact driving system

        -Less vibration,less heat-generation and lower noise

        -Good resistance to heat,Oil and abrasion and long service life-time.

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